What You Get

Peace of mind and assurance that nothing is left out of audit perview

Our online audit program includes very detailed and comprehensive questionnaires covering every aspect of the audit. So auditors can rest assured that they have not missed anything out even accidently.

Conduct SMSF audit anytime from anywhere 24/7

Since this is an online system, auditor need not visit the client’s office to conduct the audit. Audit can be conducted from the auditor’s office itself and even outside of office hours.

Get Audit Working Papers & Reports

For all SMSF audits completed through our online SMSF audit system, SMSF auditors will get all the audit working papers and reports ready to be signed.

Following documents are available to SMSF auditors on completion of SMSF audit. Auditor can also access these documents in future through the internet anytime and from anywhere instantly.

  • Audit Working Papers (pdf format)
    • Pre Audit
    • Audit Plan
    • Audit of Operating Statement
    • Audit of Balance Sheet
    • Compliance Audit
  • Internal Notes
  • Engagement letter
  • Trustee representation letter
  • Management Letter
  • Audit Report
  • Contravention Report, if any
  • Invoice

Free Secured Documents Storage

We store your super fund audit documents for a period of 5 years in our system.