About Us

This website is owned and operated by Deed Dot Com group who own a family of websites servicing financial sector such as accountants, financial planners, solicitors etc. Some popular websites owned by the group are trustdeed.com.au, onlinecompany.com.au, actuarialcertificate.com.au, formacompany.com.au, expresscompany.com.au, onlinecompanyregistration.com.au, ptyltdcompany.com.au etc.

This website was created because of a genuine need for auditors to

  • Collect data from accountants securely;
  • Conduct a top quality audit paperless;
  • Issue various reports to trustees online;
  • Store all the documents digitally;
  • At a reasonable price.

This website is Australia’s first such site.

Our experience is your peace of mind

Our extensive experience is sourced from a team of dedicated, highly educated Superannuation specialists whose aim is to help you in auditing your clients Self Managed Super Funds. We have been around for two decades and are not going anywhere, we’re in it together.

Creators of this website

This site has been created from input from many SMSF auditors who gave ideas and assisted in the final product. The website is hosted on a co-located dedicated server with Oz Servers with redundancy servers in Sydney.

Manoj Abichandani

Manoj has worked in the SMSF industry for the past two decades as a tax agent, accountant and lately as consultant to accountants. He has helped over 2000 trustees to set up their funds, borrow to purchase property, commenced pensions etc and is probably one of the most experienced advisors in this field.

He works as SMSF Technical Director at www.trustdeed.com.au where he develops new SMSF strategies and advises trustees & practising accountants on complex SMSF matters.

Comment on this website:

I lead a pretty dull and ordinary life. I am not a karate master like Dr. Andrew Linick or an amateur Brazilian jiu jitsu fighter like Mark Ford. I don't collect fine cigars like Ken Roberts or own exotic cars like Joe Vitale. I am not adventurous. I don't go on expeditions to Peru like Dr. Al Sears, or bungee jump and skydive like Fran Capo. I don't even like to travel, although I will do so to give a seminar. I much prefer to stay at home writing, reading, and spending time with my family.

I am not embarrassed about anything. I hold almost nothing back. I always tell the truth. I don't exaggerate. As Christopher Reeve tells Lois in the first Superman movie, "I never lie."

I don't make an effort to make myself look good. The truth I tell is unvarnished. When I say, this website will improve the quality of your audit and reduce your auditing time in half, it does.

Some things you can take from me as the gospel truth.

Putting the auditors SMSF cap on, I had to not only worry about the auditing standards, SISA and SISR but had to be commercially minded to develop something which had to satisfy not only the most pedantic auditor but also those who are starting out.

With the current growth in SMSF and shortage of auditors, going on cloud is the only option.

I have been actively involved in the development of this online auditing software right from inception and can be reached for any technical issues with the website. As this system is Australia’s first, I will be indebted to those who help me to improve it.

Looking at growth of SMSF’s in today’s economic climate and life longevity, one can only estimate how many funds we will have in year 2020 – maybe another 300,000.

Managing these large numbers of funds, accountants need a robust system and procedures in place. Furthermore, auditors need to be on top of their game as data grows. Digital recording of information and having a paperless office is not only economical but also environmentally better.

When I was first told about this project, I thought it made perfect sense to have a direct link between the trustee – accountant – auditor and ATO, this way, we not only avoid duplication of data, but information flows seamlessly between the various parties as compliance is achieved.

I am very excited as auditing fraternity gives its green tick to our contribution to the growth and development of the SMSF sector.

Information from Oz Servers


With two massively connected data centres in the Brisbane area and super quick peering to Sydney the Oz Servers network is scalable and robust.

Lytton Data-Centre

The Lytton facility is currently our public colocation facility. Oz Servers commissioned this Data Centre in 2010 and upgraded and updated what was already a well known and respected facility.

Lytton DC offers Oz Servers colocation clients a clean a well maintained building housing excellent power and excellent data feeds as well as UPS, generator backups and FM200 fire suppression.

Commission Date: July 2010
Capacity: 150 racks Colocation: 50 racks
Tier: 3+

After a mandatory induction process your technicians can enjoy 24/7/365 unattended swipe card access. This includes direct rack access, the use of a build room and workbench area.

Lytton Facility Features

  • 5 Individual power segments, for A+B, B+C, C+D, D+E or E+A Power segregation.
  • N+1 CRAC Computer-Room Air-Conditioners, each with Internal N+1 Compressors and Fans, individually plumbed for complete segregation and standalone operation.
  • Video Camera Surveillance with off site monitoring.
  • VESDA Very Early Smoke Detection and Alerting capability with N+1 Redundant FM200 Gas Fire Supression System.
  • Multiple diverse fibre-optic paths are available with Diverse Telstra Feeds to two exchanges, PIPE Fibre, TPG, Optus and Uecomm directly fibred into the Data Centre floor.