Website Integration

Why integrate your website with ours?

Our website can be integrated with your website for the following reasons

If you are an accountant

  • Trustees can visit your website and upload their data for you to prepare accounts or download many templates, declarations and documents, such as, auditors engagement letter, accountants engagement letter, Investment strategy etc. And once the accounts and audit of their SMSF is complete, they can download their reports;
  • Accountants staff (Associates) can visit your website and down load trustees documents to prepare accounts of the SMSF and upload financial statements and income tax returns when completed;
  • Auditors can visit your website and conduct audit and issue their audit reports.

If you are an Partner of the Audit Firm

  • Accountants can visit your website and upload their data for you to conduct your SMSF Audit or download many templates, declarations and documents, such as, auditor's engagement letter, accountant's engagement letter, Investment strategy etc. and once audit is complete, they can download their reports;
  • Auditors Staff can visit your website and conduct SMSF audit and issue audit reports.

What is website integration?

Website integration means that when trustees, accountants and auditors are using our system, it still appears as if they are using your website. You obviously have information about your firm on the pages of your website. You can now offer a log in from your site to our browser-based system.

Once the visitor logs in, by using their user name and password, they are on our website, but it is “masked” by your website. Your client never really leaves your site and they never know that the engine working at the back of your site is from another provider.

This means that the two websites have integrated. Everything appears to be happening on your website -- our website will virtually become yours. This technology of masking is fairly new and is called iFrames.

What website integration can do

Integration gives browsers (visitors of your website) a feeling that you have the document collecting capability from trustees, or, if you are an auditor, an auditing engine with the same capacity as our website. By integrating our website with yours, you will be masking our logo with your logo. This gives the feeling to the browser that it is your website and not ours.

Benefits of using website integration

There are many reasons why you should consider integrating your website with ours:

  • We have invested about 18 months using a team of three business analysts and six IT resources to build our website. Your website will acquire this technology in less than a week;
  • Your clients will be willing to upload documents on your website, rather than a third party website;
  • Since you will be using your website as a marketing tool, as an accountant, you can show your level of competence to your trustees by doing all your work digitally, on the cloud, without any big capital investment;
  • As an auditor, you will be able to display your use of a modern and sophisticated audit program to accountants, without them knowing that our system is working behind the scene;
  • You will be able to appoint staff interstate or overseas, as they will be visiting your website and not ours to do the work you allot to them.

How website integration is done

Website integration is a joint effort by our and your IT team, as some steps need to be completed at your end. If you do not have a website, see below, we can build a website for you.

Website integration Process

  • Order website integration from us (by choosing the right size of website, if you do not have a website);
  • Register as a partner on our website and provide your login details;
  • Order an SSL Certificate for your website for security and a member of our IT team will contact you;
  • Download here what you need to provide to your IT Team;
  • Once code is installed on your website the process of integration is complete;
  • You should develop a “how it works” page on your website to tell browsers how the system works, you may want to download and customise the below instructions to make them look like your own and install on your website
Download Instruction for Trustees – for accountant’s website

What website integration cannot do

One thing masking cannot do, once you log in our website – our tabs and buttons are green and orange – although the top of the page shows your logo – these tabs and buttons remain in our colours. Since your logo is on top of each page and is about 15% of the page size and the URL address is also yours in the address line, it will very unlikely that the browser will feel that he is not on your website.

Order Website Integration and what If do not have a website

If you do not have a website, we can build one for you. Contact us on 02 9684 4199 to get a "Free Quote".

Below are our prices. Please note that you will have to provide content (text) which will go on the website. It takes us about 5 working days to complete the website and integration and hosting from the day you provide us your logo and content which has to go on your website.

Size of website* Price Only Website Website Integration Total Excluding GST Order
Own Website NIL 400.00 400.00
5 pages 622.00 400.00 1022.00
6-10 pages 772.00 400.00 1172.00
11-15 pages 922.00 400.00 1322.00
+15 Pages On Quotation 400.00

*Does not include, About us, Contact us, Terms of use, Privacy Policy & Registration pages

These prices are based on, that the web design is provided including your company logo. All prices are Aus $’s excluding GST – we encourage users to look at various website designs which can be purchased from

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For additional charges, we can even design your logo, add a chat button (, email newsletters (constant contact, chip monkey), allow you to add blogs with blog admin pages etc. Feel free to talk to us.

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