• The audit documentation features in the software have made our compliance audits more thorough!

    Tony Kolker SMSF Auditor Number 100207878 ,TK Accounting & Advisory
  • The software's regular updates in line with regulatory changes ensure our ongoing compliance. Highly Recommend!

    Alan Lane SMSF Auditor Number 100039049 ,ABL Accounting Services
  • Your software has become an indispensable tool in our firm's SMSF audit strategy. Thankyou.

    Johan Kauffmann SMSF Auditor Number 100034231 ,LKM Business Services
  • We appreciate the regular webinars and training sessions provided by your team to enhance our skills. Thankyou for that.

    Ken Elliott SMSF Auditor Number 100032942 ,KEN ELLIOTT ACCOUNTING PTY LTD
  • The software's data validation checks have been crucial in maintaining the accuracy of our audit findings. Thankyou OSA!

    Anthony Bradshaw SMSF Auditor Number 100192283 ,Nimbus Financial Pty Ltd
  • Your software's robust reporting capabilities have impressed both our team and our clients. Thankyou!

    Dennis WRIGHT SMSF Auditor Number 100123304 ,Dennis K Wright & Associates
  • "The flexibility of access to the software allows us to work on audits anytime, anywhere."

    Kerry Kyriacou SMSF Auditor Number 100110058 ,Accounting Mastery Pty Limited
  • Using the 'Online SMSF Audit' software has streamlined my SMSF audits, making them more efficient and accurate. It's a game-changer for auditors! I've been an SMSF auditor for years, and this software has made my job so much easier and also improved the quality and speed of my SMSF audits. It's a must-have tool for any auditor." "The 'Online SMSF Audit' software has made my audits more organized and efficient. It's user-friendly and comprehensive."

    Zoya Samovol SMSF Auditor Number 100267669 ,Astute SMSF Audits
  • The software really helps the auditor not to miss any important documents from their list of supporting documents received from the fund.

    Noble Thomas SMSF Auditor Number 100216091 ,Noble Thomas
  • Excellent user friendly audit software for auditors.

    Azim Ali SMSF Auditor Number 100131922 ,Proacc Australia
  • Thanks to online smsf audit software. It is very user friendly and helpful.

    Md Morshedul Hasan SMSF Auditor Number 100132858 ,ATLAS BUSINESS SOLUTIONS
  • Best SMSF Audit software I have come across - after trying all the others. Much needed updates are automatically included making each SMSF audit easier each time when changes in legislation occur.

    Johan Kauffmann SMSF Auditor Number 100034231 ,LKM Business Services
  • Audit Working Papers Reviewed which were produced by the software. Very Impressed!

    Alistair Monk SMSF Auditor Number 100184781 ,Your Firm Name
  • Being a user of "Online SMSF Audit" for a number of years now, I can certify that not only do I save at least two hours while carrying out an audit, but found this has lead to an increase in my overall (audit) productivity. The software ensures I delve into all aspects of the fund being audited, confirming the SISA and SIRA requirements are more than adequately dealt with. The work papers and reports generated provide a written record of how the audit was conducted, supporting the conclusions as set out in my subsequent audit report.

    Anthony Pollard SMSF Auditor Number 100039334 ,Amable Management Services Pty Limited
  • I have been using ONLINE SMSF Audit software for over 4 years now and I can say without a doubt it has been a fantastic resource for my business. It is simple yet thorough and provides exemplary audit trail documentation. It is a real time saver as well. The system is an end to end solution, from uploading source documentation to preparing and emailing final audit documentation. I have no hesitation in recommending this online audit solution to any SMSF Auditor.

    Paul Harbour SMSF Auditor Number 100002015 ,Harbour Advisory
  • Was able to carry out an Audit efficiently and Audit compliance was met and the audit passed the stringent tests applied by the Professional body reviewer - very happy with the software it has helped us to reduce our audit time more than half as promised

    Dinesh Patel SMSF Auditor Number 100111420 ,Mobile Small Business Taxation Pty Ltd
  • I am impressed by this software, the dividend checking and the market price verification has become so simple as it does it all for you, saves me so much time.

    Benedict Or SMSF Auditor Number 100123671 ,Chats Accountants & Advisers
  • Smooth workflow and comprehensive financial and compliance audit , all in one place , saves time and ensures a compliant audit.

    Kinch SMSF Auditor Number 100002613 ,ASK Ange Advisory Pty Ltd
  • I have been using this audit software since many years now. It is getting better with each passing day. I tried tax calculator for few funds and it is awesome! Really enjoy using this tool!

    Fred Walker SMSF Auditor Number 100144367 ,Fred Walker
  • I have been using Online SMSF Audit for couple of years. On my recent CPA review of my audit working papers, the reviewer found my working papers generated from online SMSF Audit to be complying with auditing standards and requirement of a CPA member. I highly recommend this software to auditors who want to conduct a fully compliant audit. I also commend their technical staff who helped me at every stage of my review.

    Abdul Ghafoor Mangla SMSF Auditor Number 100262879 ,Sage Accountants & Taxation Services
  • This software just keeps getting better!! I did my first tax calc on this software and it is the BOMB!!! Like the software. Like the support. Like the FREE webinars. Like the price. Any super fund auditor who thinks that they can do things more efficiently using anything other than this software is soft in the head!!! Well done guys!!!!!

    Brendan Curran SMSF Auditor Number 100222188 ,BPC Accounting
  • This is fantastic software. I especially like the notes section with default notes and the ability to alter them. When the answer is a negative to any of the questions , it gives me the option of the details I would like to appear in the Management letter to trustees and the Contravention report, saves a lot of time making separate reports for each of these from my notes, I can do it all in the same place. Very efficient!

    Brian Willett ,FinCare Accounting
  • For 2016-17 financial year, all financial and compliance requirements are met. No issues noted.

    Mahiul Murshed SMSF Auditor Number 100225527 ,Frontier Accountants & Consultants Pty Ltd
  • Very good system to use. I was recommended this by a colleague.

    Justin Ko SMSF Auditor Number 100068353 ,JKO Business & Tax Solutions
  • Online SMSF Audit tool is the best software for auditing SMSF. Easy to collect and upload information, very good checklist, covers every aspect of SMSF, huge time savings with the ability to generate reports and complete an audit with only click and the signed audit report is sent to the trustee / accountant.

    Elias Akeri SMSF Auditor Number 100150089 ,Akeri Tax Accountants Pty Ltd
  • This software has very good system of maintaining documents by Trustees via their uploads. Getting information from clients is now become a very easy process. Recommend this software to every accountant who looks after SMSF's.

    Afi Memon FCPA SMSF Auditor Number 100048691 ,A. M. Associates
  • Documents are all in one place for my audit. This software allows you to make notes on the audit evidence and stores these documents for future downloads. My staff can now conduct audits with my supervision in real time. Very good Software.

  • Reviewed the work papers and very impressed with the details contained in them. The checklist had all the relevant questions, very handy for new staff - a learning experience for them to understand complexities in an audit. I like the constant upgrades to the software, good to know that the checklist is always up to date.

    Shree Ram SMSF Auditor Number 100264079 ,AAT Plus Services Pty Ltd
  • all ok

    VINOD SHARMA SMSF Auditor Number 100142890 ,Vinod Sharma
  • Verified all the requirements of checklists.

    Sarfraz Aslam SMSF Auditor Number 100078368 ,SMSF Audit Link Pty Ltd
  • We have been using online SMSF audit since 2013 and have integrated with our website in 2014. Manoj and his team helped us with designing & creating our current website. Online SMSF Audit has helped the business to increase by 10 fold which would have been impossible on how I was auditing earlier (manually). I have now set a target to audit 5,000 funds every year, which I know is possible on the online system. I highly recommend integrating the audit tool with your website to create a truly online business with significant higher selling price than an ordinary audit practice. I am a very keen user of technology and excited about Actuarial Certificate which my referring accountants can purchase for $55 - digital disruption at it's best!

    Christopher Bastin SMSF Auditor Number 100173859 ,Just SMSF Audits
  • Online SMSF Audit works well with our systems, very happy that I decided to on this software after evaluating other available audit software's. Highly Recommended to SMSF Auditors who are keen to do a good audit.

    Robert Wilson SMSF Auditor Number 100024664 ,Robert W Wilson & Co
  • Online SMSF Audit tool is very easy to use and provides assurance to SMSF Auditors that the working papers & procedures are in compliance with ATO & SIS Act audit requirements.

    Biruktawit Zekarias SMSF Auditor Number 100149988 ,Smith and Young Public Accountants Pty Ltd
  • Extremely Simple to use. It is good to know that Trial Balance Import function is being implemented which would be great for auditors with clients using Simple super (desk top).

    Phillip Scandizzo SMSF Auditor Number 100197117 ,Concepts & Results Pty Ltd
  • Very efficient system

  • Very good Audit Software. I will recommend it all auditors who are using a paper or an outdated checklist to audit funds.

    Anthony Bradshaw SMSF Auditor Number 100192283 ,Nimbus Financial Pty Ltd
  • I really like using this audit software. The audit tools are very interesting. Everyone is sure now that no important issues are left out, simply brilliant!

    Abdul Ghafoor Mangla SMSF Auditor Number 100262879 ,Sage Accountants & Taxation Services
  • This online superfund audit tool is brilliant. It's efficient and saved me a lot of time to prepare audit work paper. Also meet the latest rules and regulations.

    Xianmi Chen SMSF Auditor Number 100263152 ,ACX SMSF Audit Services Pty Ltd
  • The use of these working papers ensures that we as auditors are up to date with the latest rules and regulations as well as acting as an interactive check list. This in turn allows us to concentrate on the substantive matters relating to the audit rather than spending unproductive time making sure that all items are covered.

    Christopher Betar SMSF Auditor Number 100025910 ,Whitehead Dingley & Betar
  • I have done hundreds through onlinesmsfaudit.com.au now, the website is brilliant idea, it has all the necessary resource and tools you need for audit to help to finish the job by using best practice.

    Roddy LIU SMSF Auditor Number 100257672 ,RL SMSF AUDITS
  • I have few audits to do. The SMSF world is changing so rapidly that keeping pace with requirements of an auditor become challenging for a small firm like mine. But luckily we got online SMSF which is great utility to complete step by step process easily. I have now more confidence by using these tools. All the templates are updated according to requirements.

    Sheikh Anwar SMSF Auditor Number 100197411 ,ANS Accounting & Financial Services
  • I have been using this website for my audits since 2014 and have conducted more than a 100 audits online. This website helps auditors to complete a comprehensive SMSF audit in no time. All working papers are kept up to date and our audit is current and up to date with SIS Act and Regulations as working papers change as when the law changes. I would recommend this online audit website to any SMSF auditor who is pedantic about his or her work. BTW, their technical support is awesome, which is beyond ordinary expectation.

    Adrian Law SMSF Auditor Number 100116274 ,A.H Law Accounting & SMSF Auditing
  • Very comprehensive SMSF Audit Software. Clearly a lot of effort has gone in design and flow of the audit User Interface (UI).

  • Great process of completing audits. I particularly like the way the signed audit report is automatically issued to the Accountant and the Trustees of the fund. Good work!

    James Hilbert SMSF Auditor Number 100013527 ,SPECIALIST AUDITS PTY. LTD
  • Good - Great to know that your team is working on minimum pension check calculator based on prior year balances so that the portion b/w taxable/non taxable is correctly calculated and min has been met. Dividend check would also be great.

    Brett Armfield SMSF Auditor Number 100033485 ,Frontier Financial Services Pty Ltd
  • It is very comprehensive and effective audit tool for SMSF audit. Those who are not using it are in my opinion are at a disadvantage.

    XIAO HONG WU SMSF Auditor Number 100138529 ,HAND WU & CO.
  • Hey guys, here are a couple of suggestions: - we always check the fund's abn on abn lookup to ensure the fund is active and complying to receive rollovers. We also check the corporate trustee's ACN against ASIC to ensure it is registered. What do you think of the idea of having a "search" button somewhere in the audit program for both ABN lookup and ASIC where it goes straight to these websites to allow for immediate searching? When ordering companies from some shelf suppliers they have that facility to ensure a name is not taken when ordering a company so something similar would be good???? - David = All your suggestions are now implemented, Thank you Manoj Abichandani

    David Momirovic SMSF Auditor Number 100043338 ,VDM & Thorn Pty Ltd
  • Online SMSF Audit is not only a great tool to conduct Self Managed Super Fund audits smartly, but for me, it also serves as a 24/7 online depository system for fund documents storage which I can collaborate with accountants and their trustee clients. In my opinion Auditors not using this online system are at a serious competitive disadvantage as to their time management plans and in providing highly technical legislative audit requirements to their clients. The roll over function of the system, and automatically checking of closing ASX share prices and dividend income has saved more than half my financial audit time. I congratulate the development team for simplifying the layout and their ability to understand practical audit process.

    Mitch Schoers SMSF Auditor Number 100016395 ,AMS Accountants
  • Online SMSF Audit is a well thought out system that ticks all my boxes, was easy to get started and is great value for the money.

  • We have been using this software for close to 2 years now and have found it very user friendly and a great help in ensuring we cover every aspect of the Audit. The fact that it can generate necessary paragraphs for use in the ACR and Management Letters is also a time saving factor. I have recommended it to many of my fellow colleagues and will continue to do so.

    Gino Coiera SMSF Auditor Number 100115991 ,Gino J Coiera & Co M I P A
  • Excellent software and helps me in keeping all my audit evidence, audit reports & documents online. No more paper....

    Dharam Pal Singh SMSF Auditor Number 100026944 ,DPS AUDITING PTY LTD
  • Innovative software, excellent back up/contact . Saves time and paper. Strong recommendation to any stand-alone SMSF Auditor.

    Stephen Ryan SMSF Auditor Number 100118858 ,Clarity Accounting & Taxation
  • Online SMSF Audit certainly assists with providing efficient, comprehensive audits together with regular and relevant system improvements and helpful technical and administrative support. Highly recommended.

    Vaughan Saady SMSF Auditor Number 100042699 ,Vaughan Saady Chartered Accountant
  • The Online SMSF Audit provides an adaptive program to facilitate a sometimes complicated review process. The program can save substantial time to plan and document that process.

    Peter Belinfante SMSF Auditor Number 100086271 ,Peter R. Belinfante, Chartered Accountant
  • The Online SMSF Audit system is a big improvement on the manual system, as streamlined as it was. After a few audits it became quite easy to use, and have continued using it since early in the year. It is reassuring to know the check list is up to date with compliance, and all the questions that need to be asked. Setup a client and roll into the audit. Finalise the audit, get work papers and reports, easily save a copy, email or allow a download, all paperless. Working on the cloud is no problem and the backups are happening in real time. The help desk really is helpful. Highly recommended.

    Ralph Green SMSF Auditor Number 100131860 ,Business Systems Pty Ltd
  • The Onlinesmsf audit tool has cut the time taken to audit funds significantly, and I am still going through the learning curve. Have no doubt that I am going to be even more efficient as we I get more acquainted with the system. This is the tool that the industry has need in today’s competitive SMSF Audit market.

    Alec Brandon SMSF Auditor Number 100025465 ,Proactive Accounting & Financial Services
  • Absolute praise and admiration for the team at onlinesmsfaudit. Not only has the online auditing software helped us streamline our internal operating procedures for our firm, but also the audit software being cloud based means we do not have to worry about continual updates. Summary - we remain compliant and efficient. We take this opportunity to express a special word of thanks to all the staff with which we have dealt with during our transition and integration. The team has proven to be on hand and availed themselves to our requests. Thank you!

    David Heffernan SMSF Auditor Number 100 039 585 ,DDH Strategies Pty Ltd
  • This program is unique. I called several providers of SMSF accounting software including BGL and they did not have anything like this as an audit software tool. Esat is pretty useless from a storage and information point of view. Keep it up. I struggle with it sometimes but I am getting there and the improvements you make all the time are making it just a great program to use.

    Jenni White SMSF Auditor Number 100034151 ,Jimboomba & Southside Accounting Services
  • A comprehensive and efficient audit tool that enables me to complete better audits.

    Rob Green SMSF Auditor Number 100117388 ,Infuse Accountants & Advisors
  • We have been using Online SMSF Audit for the past 6 months and it certainly has cut our audit time but more importantly allowed us to focus on the compliance issues rather than transactional matters. Would recommend other auditors to try the program.

    Neville Walker SMSF Auditor Number 100084017 ,Neville Walker
  • I have used the Online SMSF Audit tool for the last year and have completed 24 audits in that time. I have found the tool to be an excellent way of ensuring my audits are compliant with ATO and ICAA guidelines. I have also found that my time required to complete an audit has reduced so that my efficiency and through-put has increased. My client accountants have all reported good experiences with uploading files and documents and they are all supportive of the system. I would recommend this online tool to any SMSF auditor.

    John Harmey SMSF Auditor Number 100011265 ,Clearview Audit Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Not only does OnlineSMSF Audit substantially improve the speed of completing an audit, the automated checklists means that we cover every aspect both completely and efficiently. The accountants upload all the required documentation and the system emails that the Fund is ready for audit. The support people are great to deal with and quick to respond. All at a very reasonable cost.

    Michael O'Brien SMSF Auditor Number 100021065 ,Cetacean Consulting
  • It's very good. The website is updated regularly to reflect any changes. I'm confident that all avenues of audit are covered. I would never go back to the manual system.

    Kim Cowgill SMSF Auditor Number 100121873 ,KIM COWGILL
  • Very Impressed! Simple to use, concise & compliant, what more could I want.

    Rohan McCoy SMSF Auditor Number 100119131 ,McCoy Accounting & Assurance
  • I tested this online audit software for some of my audits in 2013. I particularly like the ability for the referring accountant to upload audit evidence for my audit. I look forward to using this audit tool for my 2014 audits and recommend to any auditor who would like to streamline their processes.

    Michael Ryan SMSF Auditor Number 100094602 ,Michael Ryan Pty Ltd
  • What a fantastic SMSF Audit tool this is! I now have 74 funds completed using it & the time it is saving me (as a Sole Practitioner) is great. I will double, if not triple, my SMSF Audits over the next year using onlinesmsfaudit.com.. Get on to it!

    Dennis WRIGHT SMSF Auditor Number 100123304 ,Dennis K Wright & Associates
  • This online software allows auditors to upload & conduct a compliance audit on permanent documents of a self managed super fund thereby reducing time in auditing the same fund each year. I would recommend this online software to any auditor who conducts SMSF audits for the same fund, year after year.

    Mark Mackenzie SMSF Auditor Number 100131806 ,Wardle Partners
  • I am highly impressed with the SMSF legislative technical support experience from the team. The response came back to me in no time with precise answers to my auditing queries of the superfund, which were direct to the point. From a technical support team I expect straight forward solutions with no frills. My experience with onlinesmsfaudit had it all. I strongly recommend it.

    Jeremy Yuen SMSF Auditor Number 100198543 ,ACE SMSF PTY LTD
  • We looked at this online auditing tool very closely before deciding to use for our firms SMSF audits. We found SMSF auditing software adequate to our high auditing standards and the efficiencies it could bring to our processes. We were particularly impressed with the level of understanding of the professional Auditing standards of the development team and the keenness to improve and make the Auditors legislative obligations effortless. I have been told that our firm is one of the few larger audit firms who are now using the online software, I recommend other firms to test and evaluate the software and judge how it can improve the quality of your audits and reduce your audit time, like it has done ours.

    Bernie Rohan SMSF Auditor Number 100030279 ,BPR SMSF Audit Pty Ltd
  • This online audit program speeds up the audit process, and allows the auditor to spend time on the audit rather than on the paperwork.

    Rebecca Garnsey SMSF Auditor Number 100167833 ,Richards Financial Services
  • An excellent audit tool. I have integrated my website to onlinesmsfaudit.com.au and have all my clients uploading the data directly to my site. Recently I was in Bangkok and I was able to complete 2 audits while on my holidays! all online, thanks to online audit software.

    Dawid Maj SMSF Auditor Number 100007029 ,DKM Audit Solutions
  • I have used this service for the first time and i am very happy with the results. Good layout and easy to understand and work through in a logical manner. I will be using this service for all my SMSF audits.

    Daniel Harris SMSF Auditor Number 100058982 ,Core Accounting and Taxation Pty Ltd
  • Its a very user friendly online audit software and I am impressed with the quality of documents generated at the end of the audit. I would like to congratulate the team of Online SMSF Audit for this wonderful tool and making our life easy.

    Raman Chopra SMSF Auditor Number 100121515 ,RCA Business & Tax Accountants Pty Ltd
  • We've found this software to be an excellent audit tool & very easy to use. In particular, where a breach of the SIS rules has occurred, the online audit tool really helps to identify the key issues & the relevant legislation & generates the appropriate work papers and contravention report.

    Doug Mosenthal SMSF Auditor Number 100104603 ,RJ Newton & Associates
  • After having used the software for a while now, I find it easy to use. The software is very comprehensive, resulting in good quality audit working papers. I appreciate that all queries raised with the support team or issues are dealt with quickly and feedback / improvements suggested on software are implemented promptly.

    Audrey Dawson SMSF Auditor Number 100032880 ,Super Confidence
  • I have now completed my second audit using this software. A very efficient system. The company has also been excellent in answering queries that I have asked. With a growing practice, this package is just what I have been looking for, at a practicable price.

    Eric J Taylor, BCom (Adel), FIPA, CTA SMSF Auditor Number 100006899 ,Australian SMSF Audits
  • I am rather impressed with the streamlined service offered by Trustdeed.com; and particularly impressed with the SMSF Tools and auditing information. The customer service has been exceptional. Thank you!

    Karen Loison SMSF Auditor Number 100112856 ,QA Business Services
  • Online SMSF has reduced my audit time by over 50%. I would highly recommend this software to any SMSF Auditor if they want to improve productivity and reduce time required to complete the audit.

    Lionel Arnold SMSF Auditor Number 100260437 ,J L Collyer & Partners
  • I have had no hesitation in contacting the “help desk” with queries and have found the support team to be both knowledgeable and very obliging.

    Grantley Bland SMSF Auditor Number 100010240 ,THE GLADE FTG PTY LTD ATF GNB FAMILY TRUST
  • I have now audited 32 funds using this program. The time saved is amazing and I have much greater confidence in the quality of the audit and work papers. I have also used the online support and found them to be very helpful and efficient. My request to be able to sort funds by status was taken on board and available within a day or so.

    Linda Logan SMSF Auditor Number 100009685 ,Linda Logan
  • I now have 35 funds completed and looking forward to exceeding 50 funds. This programme has reduced paper filing to one page per fund. The online support for software and super fund issues has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They will listen to suggestions for improvements but they are really minor. I will continue to recommend this site to auditors and accountants.

    Ken Elliott SMSF Auditor Number 100032942 ,KEN ELLIOTT ACCOUNTING PTY LTD
  • I have been using online smsf audit for a couple of months now and have found the product easy to use and superior in content. It has streamlined the way I audit super funds. The technical advisers have answered my queries either immediately via their live online facility or within an acceptable time frame for outside business hours queries.

    Eugene Holzbauer SMSF Auditor Number 100187522 ,Eugene Holzbauer
  • Thank you for the opportunity to trial your software it is absolutley brilliant , best wishes Noel French & Assoc

    Noel French SMSF Auditor Number 100127866 ,French & French
  • Had an online query which the staff was able to respond and resolve very quickly and efficiently.

    Kath Angelo SMSF Auditor Number 100002211 ,Alan Lopez
  • I have only recently started using this software for my audits. You have converted me. A great software which should be used by all auditors.

    Dinesh Nanayakkara SMSF Auditor Number 100166103 ,D.S Audit Services
  • This is the first SMSF audit I have completed on OnlineSMSF. There has been a big learning experience - both in terms of the system and also SMSF auditing in general. The efficient collection of audit documents seems to be a valuable feature of this website.

    John R Flint, CPA SMSF Auditor Number 100235292 ,Smart Audit Australia
  • This software is cost effective and very easy to navigate. Certainly impressed and would highly recommend it.

    S P Algeri SMSF Auditor Number 100009514 ,Professional Income Tax Services
  • This is the first fund that I have completed. Even though it took some time, I imagine that familiarity with the software will improve that situation and I expect that this programme with be an invalu

    Grantley Bland SMSF Auditor Number 100010240 ,THE GLADE FTG PTY LTD ATF GNB FAMILY TRUST
  • So far, after an initial trial, it looks pretty good. I need to review the workpapers and tidy up a few procedures, but I believe it will improve the quality of my audit.

    Greg Clareburt SMSF Auditor Number 100007485 ,Enterprise Audit
  • First time through on a simple fund - but very satisfied Thank You

    Peter O`Regan SMSF Auditor Number 100243794 ,O'Regan & Partners Audit Services
  • This program ensures that the audit has been well documented and the fund has been comprehensively audited. Further the continuous and convenient support available is excellent.

    Mary-Ellen McMillan SMSF Auditor Number 100181771 ,SMSF & Beyond
  • Easy to pick up and saved half of the time for working paper preparation.

    Wai Lok SMSF Auditor Number 100138074 ,A Level Accountant
  • Use of the Online SMSF Audit tool has been of great assistance to my practice. In particular, it has provided: · An increased level of knowledge across many aspects of SMSF audit for both myself and my staff, · Significant time savings and reduced storage when compared to our old practice of preparing hard copies of audit procedure templates, · Confidence that we have correctly completed all aspects of the SMSF audit because any changes to relevant laws are promptly reflected in the on line SMSF audit tool. I recommend the On Line Audit SMSF tool to all SMSF auditors.

    Max Connelly SMSF Auditor Number 100232282 ,A Grade Tax
  • Will take time for first time user to fully come to grips with all aspects offered. Is quite imprssive in its detail

    Lindsay Coster SMSF Auditor Number 100265610 ,Glance Consultants
  • As a first-time user of this software I have found it to be intuitive and user friendly, and it certainly saved me a lot of time by automatically documenting the audit process. I recommend it.

    Richard Goddard FCA SMSF Auditor Number 100022508 ,Holistic Super Specialists
  • Audit of SMSF has been made(SO)Easy and less time consuming that it has enhanced economy without hampering the Quality of the AUDIT to the least. We highly appreciate this software

    A S M Ariful HAQUE SMSF Auditor Number 100121784 ,SMSF madEasy Pty Ltd
  • Just finished my first Audit and felt that it was thorough and easy to use. Great product, I will be continuing to use it

    Jane Noller SMSF Auditor Number 100016680 ,Jane L Noller & Co
  • This Audit Program has strengthened my SMSF Audits, whilst decreasing the time taken to perform those Audits. Can only heartily recommend it to all SMSF Auditors.

    Dennis K Wright SMSF Auditor Number 100123304 ,Dennis K Wright & Associates
  • This is a great program! It will save so much time for future audits and covers everything!

    Libby Hovasapian SMSF Auditor Number 100007556 ,Alpine Auditors
  • The service was very comprehensive. I am very pleased with it.

    Partner, Robert T Hosking ,Robert T Hosking
  • I am not scanning any documents – all records are online – a trustee wanted his trust deed while he was overseas – all he had to do was log in and download – highly recommended!!

    Sanjay Vadher
  • I used this website to test one audit, it took a bit of time to enter all the data, but from thereon everything went smoothly. I now audit all my SMSF on it – save 2 hrs each audit

    Ravi Kumar
  • We have linked our website to be the front-end of this website via iframes and allotted all accountants username and passwords. Over 2800 SMSF audits are now conducted seamlessly.

    Sarfraz Aslam