Australia’s first, Ground breaking, fully automated
Online SMSF auditing software


SMSF Auditors spend too much time in financial audit and completing manual audit working papers, our online software does most of this work automatically & save half your time as compared to traditional auditing methods.

We boost productivity…

Time Saving

All mundane tasks of signing, scanning & mailing of audit report, Mgt. letter, engagement letter, Invoice & contravention reports etc. are automated with one click of a mouse.

Do more with less

Go Online

Achieve peace of mind & confidence of knowing that you are using a completely up-to-date online checklist and cloud process to deliver a robust, hassle free top quality SMSF audit.

Meet or exceed legislative & professional requirements…

Integration with other Accounting Softwares


SMSF data created can be imported "on cloud", so that you do not have to manually add a fund on our audit software. Before you start importing funds, you have to be provided with an access code supplied by an account holder of

BGL Simple Fund

Integration with BGL Simple Fund is quick and easy, you will be able to add funds within minutes by exporting fund details from Simple fund to an excel file and then importing it to your account with just one click.

BGL 360

Integration with BGL 360 transfers fund set up data, trial balance and investment summary report from the accounting software and pre populates audit working papers and compares ASX listed closing share prices and dividend income & produces a discrepancy report automatically.

Speed, accuracy, quality, A 1 Analysis = Your Success

Cloud makes Sense

Improve communication with accountants & trustees. Audit from anywhere, anytime from any device on your own website by integrating with ours.

A clever concept - secure data solution...

Get Organized

Manage 20 or 2000 audits by streamlining workflow from our smart Audit Manager & establish seamless communication between all parties.

Improve Business performance...

Work Smarter

Embrace an efficient framework for high quality audits and conduct audits on a flawless workflow Management system.

Keep ahead of the competition...

Be a better auditor, you have the knowledge we have the tools

Manage Change

Ideas are seeds for technological innovation, our simple constantly creative efficient system is your solution to audit a million funds (one day!).

Unless you can create time, going online is the only option...

Savings are Real

Our online SMSF audit system is the only tool which can deliver reliability, speed and volume and ultimately profits for your business at a fraction of the cost.

Deliver quality audits and grow your business...

Your Expertise

Increase audit effectiveness, add value, reduce audit risk, drive SMSF compliance, revolutionise your business. Welcome to the world of cloud auditing...

Our online system is your solution....get in, early...
Auditor register
with us
Accountant / Trustee uploads SMSF audit data
Auditor conducts online SMSF audit
Our system automatically generates Audit working papers & reports
Reports are stored for accountant / trustee to download